Frequently Asked Questions & General Help

General Business Information

How do I contact Cedar Tree?

If you need any help or advice, do not hesitate to contact us – we are here to help. You can contact us via email ( or by telephone (043 6671071). We are available to take calls from Monday to Friday between 9:30 and 18:00 and on Saturdays between 10:00 and 14:00.

What are your trading terms and conditions?

You will find a link to our trading terms and conditions at the bottom of every page on our website. You will also find a link to our privacy statement here.

Are you an Irish Business?

Yes, 100%. The business is owned and operated by Gerard Haughey and is based in County Longford. All of our cards are designed and printed in Ireland.

Our Cards & Service

Why should I use Cedar Tree for my cards?

Cedar Tree are a family run business with an ‘artisan’ approach to producing our cards. Quality is everything to us and we take great pride in our work. We believe that we offer the very best in design and production available in Ireland. When using our services you are assured of:-

  1. Unique designs
  2. Large selection of designs
  3. Personalisation available on every section of card (except the back)
  4. Easy online personalisation process
  5. Full design support and photo enhancement at no extra charge
  6. High quality reproduction using the latest digital technology
  7. The best quality 350gsm card stock
  8. Four day turn around (working days)
  9. Free envelopes & delivery
  10. No quibble money back guarantee
  11. Very good value for money

What type of card do you print the cards on?

We print all of our cards on very high high quality 350 gsm mat card. We like the look and feel of the mat finish.  Occasionally, we do change the card used as newer stock is developed by the paper suppliers but this happens only if we see any benefit with our main focus always being on product quality.

Do you supply samples?

Yes, you can order a sample card by emailing us ( with your contact details and full address. We will then post to you a single sample. Please note that the sample is not personalised and may be an example from any of our range. We do not offer a sample service for specific designs. The purpose of the sample is to demonstrate the general quality of print and the card stock used.

How long will it take for my cards to arrive?

This process can take as little as three to four days. You will receive a proof of your card within 24 hours of making your order (Mon-Fri). Our benchmark timeline for print production and completion starts from the point when you approve your proof. From proof approval we normally pass your order for shipping within 2-3 days.

All deliveries are made by An Post and a tracking facility is available. You can obtain the tracking reference by emailing us ( after you receive initial confirmation from us via email that the cards have shipped. Shipping within Ireland is normally next day but can take two days in certain circumstances.

The Card Design Process

When we are designing our card online, is this the actual design used for printing?

No, your cards are actually re-designed ready for printing by an experienced graphic designer. Once an order is received, we view your design from within our system and based on this we create a new artwork ready for printing. The online design process is essentially telling us what design template to use, what photos to use and finally what text is to be used. Our online process also gives you a visual impression on how the finished card will look.

Is the online design process complicated ?

No, we have spent much time in creating our online design system which we believe is the simplest to use within Ireland. Just click on the templates text and photos and you will be prompted to make your changes. Video help and text instructions are located underneath each card.

Is there any online help in regard to designing my card ?

Yes, once you have chosen the card template that you like and have then clicked on the large purple button labelled ‘Click Here to Personalise’ – you will have HELP options underneath the card image including text based instructions and a video presentation.

We recommend you watch the video presentation before you begin the design process, it only lasts for six minutes and takes you through the whole process.

How do I insert a fada on my baby's name ?

Adding a fada or other special characters to a name can be a bit tricky but it can be done in two ways.

A. Try the following:-

  1. On a Windows PC = hold down the Alt Gr key and type the letter you need.
  2. On a Mac = hold down the Alt key and type ‘e’. An accent will appear without a letter. You can now type the vowel you need.

B. If the above does not work for you then add the name without the fada. Go through the full personalisation process and add your card to the shopping cart. Within the shopping cart, opposite where you add your address – there is a text box called ‘Order Notes’. Give your instructions for fada placement here. We will follow these instructions and will send to you a proof before we print the cards.

Can I use my smart phone or tablet to design my card ?

The design process is quite tricky when using a touch sensitive device such as a smart phone or tablet but it can be done by using very gentle touches on the screen. We recommend using a standard desktop computer or laptop with a modern web browser to design your card. As the design process takes place online, the system is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

How important is the quality of the baby photo I upload ?

Our card designs are simply an attractive way to present the main content, which is of course – the photo of your new baby.

The quality of the photo that you choose in your design will have significant impact on how well (or how poor) the finished card will look. A poor quality photo when printed will look like a poor quality photo! A good clear photo will make your cards look fantastic.

The quality of the photo is your responsibility. We are happy to offer a free design facility that can slightly enhance your photo but we cannot make a bad photo good.

You can produce excellent photos at home by applying some basic rules. Please read our article on photography tips, this will help you to produce a better quality photo.

Can I use my phone to take my baby's photo?

Smart phones are great and the cameras within them are getting better and better. Photography is all about light and the problem with camera phones is that they do not produce great photos in low light. The difficulty we have here (unless you are an experienced photographer) is in the perception of light quality.

You may be in your kitchen for example and as far as you are concerned, you can see everything around you easily without putting a light on. Most people would perceive these lighting conditions as good but believe it or not – the chances are that the light quality is actually poor as far as cameras are concerned, particularly in Ireland on a standard grey day!

We recommend that you read our article on photography tips which will go into a little more depth on this subject but to answer the question…. yes, you can use your phone but only when the location offers excellent ambient light. Also, avoid using direct flash to compensate for poor light – flash is just not nice unless used off the camera.

How can I tell if my photo is good enough quality?

It is important to look at your photograph at full size. This means that you need to view the photo on your computer with the photo file being set at 100% – viewing a photo at this size will show any problems. Your photo may look just fine when reviewing it on your phone or tablet screen but this option will not show problems. Common problems are:-

  1. Too dark (under exposed)
  2. Too Light (over exposed or flash light too strong)
  3. Grainy (also called digital noise, commonly seen on photos taken on smart phones in poor light).
  4. Blurred (a camera set in auto will compensate for poor light by slowing down the shutter speed, the outcome is often motion blur on photos.
  5. Soft focus (when the focus was not set correctly and the image is not sharp)

We can make basic enhancements but we can not change a bad photo to a good photo!

Can I change my photo to black and white?

Yes, once you have uploaded your photo and you can see it placed within the card template – click on the photo and the ‘pop up edit box’ will show two icons at the top. One colour and one black and white. Simply click on the black and white icon and within a few seconds your photo will change to black and white. If you decide that your preferred the colour version, just click on the colour icon and the photo will revert to colour.

Will I receive a proof of my card before you print?

Yes, you will receive a ‘soft proof’ via email within 24 hours of making your order (Mon-Fri). We will not print any cards until we have received your ‘go ahead’.

Ordering Your Cards

Need to re-order?

Ran out of cards? That’s no problem at all, no need to re-design on the site. Follow these simple instructions:-
1. Find the card design template that you originally ordered from within our selection.
2. Click on the large purple button (To Personalise).
3. NO NEED to do any personalisation – click on ‘ADD TO BASKET’
4. Select the amount of cards you wish to purchase in the drop down menu and ‘UPDATE BASKET’ if appropriate (this bit is very important!).
6. Fill in your details as normal – on the right hand of this page you will see a box called ‘Order Notes’, place in here place in here the following text ‘Reprint of Order 5606 (use your order number here).
7. That’s it 🙂

What is your minimum quantity?

The minimum quantity you can order is 10 cards.

What is the maximum quantity?

The online system allows you to order up to 200 cards. If you require more than this simply contact us via email ( or  telephone (043 6671071) and we will organise a larger quantity for you.

What if I order my cards and then realise I have made a mistake?

Once you have completed the online process and have paid for your cards, the online system will NOT let you make any further changes. If you suspect that you have made a mistake, simply email us immediately ( with your details along with the error details and as long as the card has not been printed, we will make the required changes for you. Note* Such changes can only be made if the email message is received before the cards are printed.

How can I pay for my cards?

You can pay for your cards in three ways:-

  1. Using your credit/debit card via the Realex Payment System
  2. Using your credit/debit card or PayPal account via PayPal
  3. By sending us a postal order or cheque*

* If you choose to pay by personal cheque, your cards will be printed once the cheque has cleared the banking system. This can take up to 5 days. For such payments, our 4 day turn around does not apply.

What happens if I am not happy with the quality of the cards?

If for any reason you are unhappy with the quality of your cards, we would like to know about this. If something has gone wrong at our end and the card has not met our own high standards then we will give you the option of a re-print or we will refund your payment.

The quality of the photo(s) supplied to us for printing is the responsibility of the client. We can only reproduce what we have been given. As indicated in other areas of our website, we cannot make a bad photograph a good photograph. We can and will make basic enhancements where possible but essentially what you send to us is how the photo will look (other than quite basic improvements).

It is also very important that you check your card’s details carefully. If you have made a spelling error or any entered details are incorrect, we will be unable to re-print your cards or offer a refund. This does not effect your statutory consumer rights.

Don’t worry, we aim to please and if your complaint is fair then we will of course offer you a no quibble refund or re-print option.

What is included with my order?

Along with your cards you will receive the same amount of quality white envelopes. Shipping is also included at no additional cost.

Christmas Delivery

How long will it take for my cards to arrive?


During the Christmas period (late November – December) we offer customers one of the quickest turnaround times of personalised cards in Ireland.

  1. You will receive your soft copy proof via email within 4 hours of your order (during normal office hours). Orders made after 4pm will receive their proof by lunch time the following day.
  2. Once you have approved your proof – your cards will be printed and passed to ‘An Post’ for delivery within 2 working days. For proof approvals made after 6pm – our two day turn around starts from the next working day.
  3. In most cases, An Post will deliver your order the following day but this is not guaranteed. From Wednesday 12th December, Christmas deliveries may well take two days to reach your address and in some cases three days.
  4. An Post state that for Christmas 2018, the last day for posting cards to an Irish address with a guaranteed pre Christmas day delivery is Thursday 20th December. This means that we will have to ship any Christmas card orders to you no later than Monday 17th December. This will give enough time for you to receive the cards in the post and of course give time to write them ready for posting. As such, we need to receive your actual order no later than Friday 14th December at 4PM.